What is Vertex Tools Pro?

Vertex Tools Pro is a feature packed editor extension optimized for Unity 5 and its physically based rendering. We aimed to create a workflow that is at the same time as artist friendly as possible and still ensures high performance realtime rendering. Vertex Tools Pro comes with a fully functional Vertex Painter, a Vertex Deformer and Flowmapping as well as with a couple of PBR-Shaders especially created for this tool.

Features included

We are constantly improving Vertex Tools Pro with patches and of course new features. This is what we have in store for you now:

Vertex Paint

The Vertex Painter allows for simple editing of both static or non-static meshes' vertex colors. It reaches its full potential when used with the complementary shaders, that also come with this package. The shader itself blends up to 3 PBR materials with several optional settings.

A key feature of the shader is of course its blending, which is not only calculated by the pure vertex colors. You also have the opportunity to influence the blending by the height maps of the different materials, thus creating detailed and individual texturing with one Unity material. To further increase the quality and the feel of the blending, the shader uses an optional enhanced parallax mapping as well as some other features (eg. heightbased transparency).

The package also contains a 2-Material-Blend-Glass Shader with the same functionality plus optional refraction and blur.

Vertex Deform

Based on the same workflow as the Vertex Painter, the Vertex Deformer allows you to deform meshes with ease. We provide options to extrude/intrude, pinch, push/pull & smooth vertices.

Vertex Flow

In addition to the described shader features, all of them also support the use of flow data. Flow data itself is vertex based and can easily be processed from a given RGB-Flowmap. Another possibility to use flowmap data is to process it directly and automatically from the geometry itself which ensures physically correct flow results.


Lastly, we provide an API which allows painting and deforming of non-static objects during runtime. Detailed information on how to use the API will follow.

The package comes with a demo scene that showcases some of our blending and shader features.

Video Demonstration

To give you a proper overview about our feature set, we prepared some demonstration videos, that should give you an idea how Vertex Tools Pro works inside of Unity 5.